Máy Xray PG-6550A soi hành lý

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Máy Xray PG-6550A soi hành lý

Máy xray dùng soi hành lý, tìm kim gãy trong các nhà máy sản xuất túi xách, giày dép
Thông số chung
Tunnel Size : 650 (W) ×500 (H) mm
Power Requirement: 220V AC (±10%) 50±3Hz
Power consumption: 1.0KW (Max)
Noise level: <58dB
Conveyor Speed: 0.22m/s
Conveyor Max Load: 170 kg
Wire Resolution: 40AWG
Spatial Resolution: 1.0mm Horizontal and Vertical
Steel Penetration: 40mm
Single inspection dosage: < 1.2μGy
Leakage radiation: <0.1µGy/h
Film Safety: Guarantee ISO1600 Film
19’’ High Resolution LCD Monitor
Display Resolution: 1280*1024;24 bit/pixel Color
Contrast Sensitivity: 24 Visible Levels, 4096 Gray Level
Image storage: 100,000 pictures in real time (can be customized)
Zoom: 64 Times Enlarge, Whole screen continuous observation


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